Friday, November 19, 2010

Assassins Creed Brotherhood

I picked up Assassins Creed Brotherhood the other day and I have been playing the shit out of it all week. If you are a fan of the Assassins Creed games, then this one is definitely worth picking up.

There are many improvements in this game over the previous ones in the series. The combat is faster and more refined. The graphics are still great and the sound is top-notch.

The game play is fantastic and the story line is really deep. I've put in about 15 hours so far and I'm only about half way through the story line. There is a lot of stuff to do in this game!

If you are looking for a new game to pick up, I'd recommend getting this game.


  1. i was considering buying it, thanks for the input

  2. i wish i had the money to buy this game

  3. Sweet man! The multiplayer in this game seems to be awesome!